Things to do in Port Fairy on a couple’s weekend

things to do in port fairy moyne river

Why Port Fairy? Simple-not-simple. I bought a Mornington Peninsular calendar thinking it’d be a fun idea to visit each of the 12 destinations. My partner agreed. Turned out is wasn’t a Mornington Peninsular calendar, but a Great Ocean Road calendar (my bad.) The deal stood.

So, we’ll find ourselves venturing on weekend-long trips throughout the year. First up: Port Fairy in January.

Problem. When you Google ‘Port Fairy’, you get nada. Well, okay, you’ll see there’s a wildlife park nearby, plus mini golf and an annual festival. Search results do not inspire.

We learned the best way to discover things to do in Port Fairy is to ask people who’ve visited. So we’re paying it forward – with options to suit your style.

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Melbourne’s inner-city vego hangouts for non-vegans

urban projuice sesame tempeh_feature melbourne best vegan food

Melbourne is for vegans like Gold Coast is for people who’ve lost their shoes. No one asks questions. So what do you do when your shoe-wearing friends visit (aka non-vegans?) You take them out on the town, show them some of Melbourne’s best vegan food and convince them they don’t need meat to live a fulfilled life – which is easy in Melbourne: the vegan capital.

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