AI resources for content strategists


I’m not a developer. I’m not a coder. I’m not an engineer. I’m a web content strategist who wants to get in front of artificial intelligence. I don’t believe AI will take my job (this month), but like you, I want to learn how to work with AI so that when it drops for realsies at regular-people companies, I have a head start.

These are the resources I eat up right now. I send the feeds to my Digg Reader, refresh my podcasts and download my mags, then graze on these over breakfast.


Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

‘Artificial Intelligence for Modern Marketers created by marketers, for marketers.’

With a marketing lens, this blog touches on the potential of AI and cognitive computing. It speaks our language.


‘Futurism covers the breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future.’

Subscribe to their newsletter to ‘see stories of the future in your inbox each morning.’ Their AI reports are skimmable.


‘The latest insights, ideas, and tools for building solutions that rely on machine intelligence.’

Ever wondered how Facebook recognises your face and the faces of your friends and family? O’Reilly’s authors contribute easy-to-understand articles and videos for complete noobs, combined with actionable insights for those already in the game.

AI Weekly

‘A weekly collection of news and resources on artificial intelligence and machine learning.’

Bite-sized updates on developments in the industry with links to further reading. I’m guilty of headline skimming to get a taste without finishing the meal.


O’Reilly Bots and O’Reilly Radar

‘Covering advances in conversational user interfaces, artificial intelligence and messaging that are revolutionising how we interact with software.’

As you’ll infer, this source is more advanced if you’ve just started dipping your toe in the AI pool, but it will get you up to speed quickly when you’re amongst AI tools and teams.

Concerning AI

‘Exploring concerns about artificial intelligence and the actions that may be needed.’

A philosophical reflection on AI’s influence on society and what the future may hold. Listen after you’ve had your morning caffeine fix.

Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella

‘Weekly interviews with researchers and execs from leading companies in the AI industry.’

These takeaways apply more for business leaders, though it’s worth following along with these types of conversations so you learn how to talk the talk.


The Economist #artificial-intelligence

I subscribe to The Economist in an attempt to stay worldly, plus support honest (*cough), true (*cough), high-quality journalism. Besides being a solid weekly general read, The Economist publishes in-depth, accessible articles on AI.

Wired #artificial-intelligence

‘A focus on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.’

Wired is a savvy tech roundup in print, plus its podcast is a fun listen; front-loaded with ‘something you’ve learned this week’.

This list is growing, along with my familiarity of AI. I’m only getting started and I don’t care that I’m a noob. Us content strategists need to have each other’s backs in the data economy. We’re all green to this territory so let’s share our adventures in the new world.