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AI resources for content strategists


I’m not a developer. I’m not a coder. I’m not an engineer. I’m a web content strategist who wants to get in front of artificial intelligence. I don’t believe AI will take my job (this month), but like you, I want to learn how to work with AI so that when it drops for realsies at regular-people companies, I have a head start.

These are the resources I eat up right now. I send the feeds to my Digg Reader, refresh my podcasts and download my mags, then graze on these over breakfast. Continue Reading

Want to achieve your career goals? Don’t be afraid to step on toes.

Image: Nirzar Pangarkar, Unsplash

Asking for permission is asking for denial.

This quote, told to Adam Braun at 19 years old, sums up an uplifting School of Greatness podcast that you will do doubt connect with in more than one way. It’s filled with dozens of inspiring tidbits that can easily be teased into motivational quotes.

Someone needs to Photoshop these onto some warm, feel-good images of sparkling humans – specifically that style where the sun’s rays cast an overexposed glow across their faces and everything seems right with the world. Like this.


Adam Braun is an IRL remarkable human, though I imagine this style of photography follows him around like an altruistic aura.

He founded Pencils of Promise: an organisation that builds schools, supports teachers, provides student scholarships and brings life-changing education to children living in poverty around the world.

Now, Adam has turned his focus to his homeland and in March 2017, launched MissionU: Higher education’s answer to a broken model. Continue Reading