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Is it inbound marketing or is it just me?

Unsplash Stijn Swinnen Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

I’m an inbound marketing noob. I’m still learning; still questioning. I started working for a HubSpot agency and inducted myself through the certification videos to get a handle on it all. The videos were common sense, really. Like, ‘here is everything you’ll ever need and it’s laid out for you – follow this methodology and you can do no wrong.’

I come from a client-side, B2C content background, but it didn’t feel like a stretch to enter the world of B2B and inbound. HubSpot makes sense – familiar, like content marketing.

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Mediocrity’s calling. Put down the imposter syndrome and answer


“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

– Bertrand Russell.

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself at different points of a self-doubt spectrum, spanning between feeling like a lot of a fraud and feeling a little fraudy.

Since I entered corporate life, I’ve let others dictate the person I’m supposed to be, the salary I’m supposed to earn, the ways I’m supposed to conduct myself.

I’ve been playing the game. And I haven’t been winning.

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Imperfect first post

long road free istock

Perfection. That’s what holds me back.

That sentence seems incorrect. “That’s what”. Is that right? Wait. Is right right or is it correct to say correct?

This holds me back. What will people find fault with? What should I triple check before publishing? *spends twenty minutes Googling “right vs correct” just to be sure*

People can’t pile on a put-down if they don’t see you. *Googles whether to use a hyphen with “put-down”*…*Googles whether to us double or single quotes when emphasising a word.*
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