An exercise in observation: Walking home from Melbourne’s city

Some authors take words and create sights, smells, sounds and shared experiences.

When Jenny Sinclair uses her words, I’m inside her head. It feels natural. It’s like I’m reading my own thoughts. She pays attention to her world and narrates rich stories.

“Here, an open door gives a glimpse of a bicycle prostrate in a darkened hallway; there, a wall is painted with a blue mural of fish in darker hues; the scent of frying onions drifts out of a half-open window; and somewhere down the street, a guitar is playing.” This is Jenny describing a walk through suburban Melbourne, only, you took it together.

Jenny’s words made me realise my eyes might be open, but I’m not truly looking at the world.

So I began taking notes as I walked; of the everyday things I take for granted. Continue Reading

Imperfect first post

long road free istock

Perfection. That’s what holds me back.

That sentence seems incorrect. “That’s what”. Is that right? Wait. Is right right or is it correct to say correct?

This holds me back. What will people find fault with? What should I triple check before publishing? *spends twenty minutes Googling “right vs correct” just to be sure*

People can’t pile on a put-down if they don’t see you. *Googles whether to use a hyphen with “put-down”*…*Googles whether to us double or single quotes when emphasising a word.*
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